■ SIRA Sol International Railroad Integrated System Dept.

Sol International Railroad Integrated System Dept.

Cultivating international railroad experts with global perspectives

Due to their speed, level of comfort, environmental sustainability and high passenger capacity, trains are rapidly becoming the 21st century’s preferred mode of transportation. As such, investments in railways and railroad technology are on the rise worldwide. The department was created to respond to this rapidly evolving business environment with the goal of providing students with a wide spectrum of integrated training in such areas as roadbed construction, railway tracks, railway signaling, and railway management. Because of the importance of English in this field, all classes are taught in English by foreign faculty members. We believe the combined skills students will gain will allow them to be more competitive in the international market.

This program offers opportunities to gain hands-on experience with public and private companies including KNRA, KORAIL, and Hyundai Construction. Due to these partnerships, we can boast one of the highest employment rates for graduates among comparable academic institutions. Students also have the opportunity to participate in overseas internships.

Training railroad experts to go out into the world

Build English fluency while gaining railroad-related expertise

  • Training railroad experts with Korean reunification in mind
  • Study using a curriculum geared to employment practices
  • Overseas internships to gain hands-on experience


Improve English fluency
Training to be more competitive overseas


The future is bright for the railroad industry, as an increasing number of people value the fact that trains are fast, efficient and sustainable


Understand integrated rail networks through coursework in roadbed construction, railway tracks, railway signaling, railway lines, railway vehicles, railway electrical systems, railway communication systems, railway stations, system management, and railway management

Railroad Integration Fields

  • 1. Passenger transfer and traffic link connection technology
  • 2. Railway car technology
  • 3. Train station construction technology
  • 4. Roadbed construction technology
  • 5. Train system-related technology

Potential Career Paths/Organizations :

  • State-Enterprises - Korea Rail Network Authority, KORAIL, Seoul Metro, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit, etc.
  • Companies involved in Railroad Systems and Technology - Korean construction companies, construction inspection companies, etc.
  • Graduate School and Research Institutes - Korea Railroad Research Institute, graduate studies at one of our partner universities from the United States of America, Australia, Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.

Related Qualifications and Certificates

Railroad Construction; Railway Electrical Systems and Signaling; Railway Operator License; and other train-related licensure

Contact Us :

Dr. Tae-bong Ahn, PhD tbahn@wsu.ac.kr   T. 042-629-6716