Institut Paul Bocuse (IPB)

Institut Paul Bocuse

Special Program within the Sol International Culinary Arts Department (SICA)

The Program

Woosong University partnered with Institut Paul Bocuse -- considered one of the finest culinary schools in the world-- in 2017 to offer a duel degree program. All courses are taught in English in Daejeon, Korea. This special program allows students to earn two baccalaureate degrees—one from Institut Paul Bocuse (IPB) and another from Woosong University’s Sol International School (SIS) Culinary Arts Department (SICA).

Students who wish to participate in this special program must complete three semesters (1.5 years) in an approved SIS department. Students may then apply for transfer to the IPB program and continue their studies for 3 additional years. The IPB program includes 2 six-month internships, which may be completed in Korea or overseas. When successfully completing this rigorous program, students receive a Woosong University bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, an Institut Paul Bocuse bachelor’s degree in culinary management and RNCP certification (Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles) from the French Ministry of Labor.

Program Highlights

  • Courses are taught in English with French language courses required
  • Brand new, state-of-the-art European style kitchens; one of the most well-equipped teaching laboratories in Asia
  • Highly competitive with limited seats availability
  • Small class size (maximum of 15 in practical labs and 30 in theory courses)
  • Fall semester start
  • 4.5-year program
  • 2 six-month internships – the first after year 1 and the second after year 3 of the IPB program gives students one full year of industry experience before graduation
  • Same curriculum and standards as Institut Paul Bocuse in France
  • Can attend graduation in France if desired (travel and lodging expenses are not provided)
Course Types Course Name/Description
Practical Courses Culinary Apprenticeship I, II and III, Pastry Apprenticeship, Bakery I and II, Dining Service Apprenticeship, Advanced Pastry, Hygiene and Security, Commissary Practice
Theoretical and Management Courses French I, II and III (language), Oenology (wines), Food and Wine Pairing, Human Resource Management, History of Gastronomy, Nutrition, Product Knowledge, Sensory Evaluation, F&B Management I and II, Marketing, Financial Management I and II, Kitchen Design, Sustainable Development, Organizational Behavior, Food Science, Digital Environment
Seminars and Team Projects E-magazine Project, Business Game seminar, Creative Culinary Management seminar, Concept Creation Project
Practicum Experience Professional Situation
students will rotate work stations In a full-service restaurant to gain experience in kitchen, service and commissary operations
Gastronomic Restaurant (and menu creation)
Students will practice working in a restaurant while they plan, design and implement their own menu
Avant Scène
Students will create a concept/menu, then execute their concept by serving guests for one week


Current IPB-WSU students are placed in France, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, Dubai, Maldives, and Korea in a variety of operations (Ex: hotels, resorts, Michelin-starred restaurants, private restaurant groups)

1st internship (24 weeks) – focus is on culinary arts for French and Western cuisine
2nd internship (26 weeks minimum and up to one year)– can be customized based on student’s interest (Ex: baking and pastry, beverage management, international cuisine, hospitality management)

NOTE: Internship placement and availability depends on visa requirements and the skills and financial resources of each individual student. Some international students may or may not be able to do internships depending on their passport and visa status. Every effort will be made to find a location where international students can meet the legal requirements for an internship.

Alumni Network

Graduates from the Institut Paul Bocuse program can join an elite alumni network, which spans across the globe providing career planning assistance and social opportunities for members.


The SICA Department of Woosong University is also a member of the IPB Worldwide Alliance. The Alliance is a network of culinary institutions around the globe (22 members in 22 countries). It is separate from the degree programs offered by IPB and is designed as a way for schools to work together, learning and sharing best practices. The program also gives 70 students from Alliance member schools a unique opportunity to share an international experience in Lyon, France. A 14-week program during the Spring-Summer season brings Alliance students to the IPB campus to study, share and explore the region. Coursework helps students perfect their technical skills and discover French culture, while sharing their own culture with other participants.

Sol International School selects 4 to 6 students to attend the Alliance program each year through a highly competitive process. Students earn academic credits during the Alliance program, but are responsible for their own airfare, tuition and dormitory fees.

The following schools are currently members of the Alliance:

  • Woosong University - Korea
  • Conestoga College – Canada
  • Nicholls State University – USA
  • Haaga Helia University of Applied Science– Finland
  • Universidad De Los Andes -- Bolivia
  • Le Monde Institut – Greece
  • Universidad Tecnologica de Chile (INACAP) – Chile
  • ESDAI – Mexico
  • Escuela de Gastronomia, Mariano Moreno – Colombia
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito – Ecuador
  • Plekhanov Russian University of Economics -- Russia
  • Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola – Peru
  • St. Joseph University – Beirut
  • Dusit Thani College -- Thailand
  • Berjaya University College – Malaysia
  • The Hurst Campus – South Africa
  • Hyogo NCC College – Japan
  • National Kaohsiung University – Taiwan
  • ITE (Institute of Technical Education) - Singapore


Our Culinary Arts departments require standard uniforms and follow a dress code mandated by each department. For Culinary Arts and the Institut Paul Bocuse programs, fees for uniforms and knives require the following standardized purchases (totaling approximately US$ 500) during the first week of classes at the University:

  • Books
  • Knife kits
  • Kitchen shoes
  • Uniform sets (includes the following: uniform jackets (3), SICA needlepoint patch (3), WSU needlepoint patch (3), Pants (2), Apron (2), Scarf (2), Hat (3), Side Towel (2), Scarf ring (1), and Name tag (1)).

NOTE : Students will not be permitted to participate in laboratory classes without the above tools and uniforms.