■ SIRA Sol International Railroad Integrated System Dept.

Sol International Railroad Integrated System Dept.


Due to their speed, level of comfort, environmental sustainability and high passenger and cargo capacity, trains are rapidly becoming the 21st century’s preferred mode of transportation. Hence, investments in railways and auxiliary technologies are on the rise, worldwide.

The SIRA department was created to respond to this rapidly evolving business environment, with the goal of providing students with a wide spectrum of knowledge in such areas as :
• Construction of tracks, tunnels, bridges and other facilities
• Locomotives and rolling stock
• Railway power supply, monitoring, signalling and interlocking
• Railway management and operation

In order to make students competitive and valued in international labour market, all classes are taught in English by foreign faculty members including native speakers. We believe that these combined skills will allow students to promote and develop themselves worldwide.

This programme offers opportunities to gain hands-on experience with public and private companies including Korea Network Research Association (KNRA), Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL), Hyundai Construction etc. Due to these partnerships, we expect one of the highest employment rates for graduates among comparable academic institutions.


1. This is the only department in Sol International School (SIS) of Woosong University that offers an engineering degree. SIRA’s curriculum provides diverse fundamental engineering courses (all taught in English) :
• Civil engineering and construction of railway infrastructure,
• Electrical engineering, electronics and control for railway applications,
• Mechanical engineering and material science,
• Railway engineering.
2. Project- and application-orientated classes.
3. Continual enhancement of technical, scientific and business English skills.
4. Regular field trips to railway construction sites and control facilities.
5. An elective second foreign language course taught by native speakers (Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese etc.).
6. Participation in domestic and overseas internships.
7. Graduates are highly competitive in the global labour market, due to this multicultural educational environment.
8. Regular guest lectures from well-known personalities from the railway industry.


  • 1st year : Intensive English courses and the fundamentals of railway engineering.
  • 2nd year : Fundamental mathematics, physics, engineering and business courses. Elective second foreign language. Field trips.
  • 3rd year : Advanced railway engineering and project management courses. Field trips.
  • 4th year : Specialised courses. Railway regulations. Hands-on practice for Train driver licence. Internships. Licencing/certification. Career planning.


• Improve English proficiency, fluency and applications in real world situations
• Become a railway expert for the global rail network
• Gain hands-on experience during domestic and overseas internships


Rail transportation has been proving its justifiability and efficiency for two centuries. The prospects are bright for the railway industry, as an increasing number of people value the fact that trains are fast, capacious and sustainable. Railway specialists are always demanded in society.


Understand integrated rail networks through coursework in bridge, tunnel and track construction; railway monitoring, signalling, control and communication systems; railway power supplies, overhead lines and substations; railway vehicles and rolling stock; railway stations, yards and maintenance facilities; railway project and operation management.

Passenger high-speed trains / Passenger regular trains / Cargo trains / Construction of tracks / Construction of bridges and tunnels / Construction of infrastructure / Electrification / Hump yards and depots / Signalling, control and dispatching

Potential Career Paths/Organizations

  • State-Enterprises - Korea Rail Network Authority, KORAIL, Metropolitan Rapid Transit corporations, etc.
  • Companies involved in railway systems and technology - Korean construction companies, construction inspection companies, design and development companies etc.
  • Graduate school and research institutes - Korea Railroad Research Institute, graduate studies at one of our partner universities from the United States, Australia, Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.

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