Railroad Integrated Systems (SIRA)

Dept. Required Courses (34 Credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
SIRA1854 Computer Training for Professionals 1
SIRA1754 Basic Computer Programming 3
SIRA2751  Mathematics for Railway Engineering-2 3
SIRA2872 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2
SIRA2752 Physics-2 2
SIRA2753 Statics 3
SIRA2853 Fundamentals of Electricity-2 2
SIRA2954 Materials of Railroad Construction 2
SIRA2754 Power Supply for Railways 2
SIRA3824 Railroad Foundation engineering 4
SIRA3753 Electrical Traction Systems 2
SIRA3972 Application Railroad system 1 4
SIRA3974 Application Railroad system 2 4

Dept. Electives (67 Credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
SIRA1411 Fundamentals of Railroad System-1 3
SIRA1561 General Management 3
SIRA1533 Railroad Seminar-1 1
SIRA1413 Railroad Terminology-1 2
SIRA1433 Computer Aided Design (CAD) 3
SIRA1443 Mathematics for Railway Engineering-1 3
SIRA1453 Fundamentals of Railroad System-2 3
SIRA2551 Physics-1 2
SIRA2651 Fundamentals of Electricity-1 3
SIRA2573 Railroad Project Management 3
SIRA2453 Mechanics of Materials 3
SIRA3661 Soil Mechanics for Railroad 3
SIRA3551 Railway Signaling Systems 3
SIRA3651 Railroad structures 3
SIRA3673 Railroad Construction 3
SIRA3583 Project Planning 3
SIRA3696 Advanced Railroad System Theory 3
SIRA3583 Global Railroad Marketing 2
SIRA4441 Regulation for Urban Railroad Driving 3
SIRA3583 Railroad Quality Control Management 3
SIRA4571 Urban Railroad System 3
SIRA4671 Railroad Control System 3
SIRA4581 Railroad Intrapreneurship Skills 3
SIRA4681 Railroad Project Implementation 3