Global Railroad & Transport Management (SIRA) (An Engineering program)

Cultivating international railroad experts with global perspectives

Why Choose Railroad Integrated Systems?

South Korea is a leader in the global high-speed rail market, with its home-grown rail technology and operational know-how. As high-speed train travel spreads around the world, there is a growing demand for experts in all areas of the industry. Our students learn everything from the basics of road-bed design to the sophisticated aspects of digital signalling, computer aided design, project planning, global logistics, and more that make high-speed train travel possible. Student interaction with our local partner KORAIL (Korea Railroad Corporation), provides an in-depth understanding of railroad practicalities. If you would like to be at the forefront of railroad integrated systems, then our program is the one for you. Job opportunities include positions in private and public railroad administration & management industries worldwide.

Trains are rapidly becoming the 21st century’s preferred mode of transportation due to their speed, level of comfort, environmental sustainability and high passenger capacity. As such, investments in railways and railroad technology are on the rise worldwide. Because Woosong University has long-term experience in railway management and has received accolades of excellence for its performance in training high-speed bullet train operators, it was decided to offer this expertise to local and international students in the English language. Now, students from everywhere can appreciate and enjoy the knowledge they gain and become highly competitive in the international market of railroad management.

This program offers opportunities to gain hands-on experience with public and private companies including Korea Network Research Association (KNRA), Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL), and Hyundai Construction. Due to these partnerships, we can boast one of the highest employment rates for graduates among comparable academic institutions. Students also have the opportunity to participate in overseas internships.


Railroad Integration Fields

  • Passenger transfer and traffic link connection technology
  • Railway car technology
  • Train station construction technology
  • Roadbed construction technology
  • Train system-related technology

Qualifications & Certificates

  • Railroad Construction
  • Railway Electrical Systems and Signaling
  • Railway Operator License
  • other train-related licensures

Potential Career Paths

  • State-Enterprises – Korea Rail Network Authority, KORAIL, Seoul Metro, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit, etc.
  • Companies involved in Railroad Systems and Technology - Korean construction companies, construction inspection companies, etc.
  • Graduate School and Research Institutes - Korea Railroad Research Institute, graduate studies at one of our partner universities from the United States of America, Australia, Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.

Quick Facts: 2017

Program Highlights:

  • A strong affiliation with locally based Korea Rail (KORAIL) enables opportunities for students to learn from practical R&D facilities.
  • Fulfils the need for global railroad talent development through various government funding
  • Educating global leaders and administrators to facilitate the expansion of cross-country and cross-continent railway
  • Involves students in railroad related research.
  • Frequent field visits and invited talks from executives from railway industries.

Specialized courses:

Technical Railroad Engineering, Railroad Structures, Railroad Signalling Systems, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Programming Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Programming
Management Global Railroad marketing, Railroad Quality Control Management, Project Planning, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Risk Management
Awareness Railroad System Theory, Electrical Traction Systems, Power Supply for Railroads, Materials for Railroad Construction, Regulations for Urban Railroad Driving
Practical Railroad Control System, Urban Railroad System, Railroad Seminars

Skills Learned:

  • Railway driver’s licence
  • Safety licence
  • Project management certification
  • Knowledge of international railroad projects
  • Control and management of railroad office operations
  • Understand railroad layout and structure network
  • Project management of 4th Industrial Revolution (i.e. industry 4.0)

International Partnerships:

  • Shandong Jiaotong University – China
  • Jilin Railway Vocational and Technical College – China
  • Tribhuvan University – Nepal
  • Ho Chi Min University of Transport – Vietnam

Competitive Advantages:

  • The only department in Sol International School (SIS) that offers an engineering degree and whose curriculum provides diverse fundamental engineering courses (all taught in English):
  • Project- and application-orientated classes.
  • Continual enhancement of technical, scientific and business English skills.
  • Field trips to advanced railway sites and facilities.
  • Elective second foreign language course taught by native speakers.
  • Multicultural educational environment enables graduates to be highly competitive in global labour market.
  • Railway-related licences and certificates.
  • Active involvement in various domestic/ international conference and exhibition

Potential Career Paths:

  • Railroad construction engineer (civil / mechanical)
  • Track construction engineer (electrical / signal)
  • Locomotive driver
  • Station employee / staff
  • Administrative staff, such as: KORAIL / metro trains / high-speed rail / light rail
  • Project management at transportation-related corporations
  • Officers at Government’s Ministry of Transportation
  • Global railroad safety officer
  • Logistic and supply chain manager/administrator
  • Railroad Association manager/administrator