Restaurant & Food Service Entrepreneurship (SIRES)

Dept. Required Courses (39 Credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
SIRS1701 Intro to Restaurant Management 3
SIRS1703 Restaurant Entrepreneurship 3
SIRS1704 Culinary Fundamentals 1 (LAB) 2
SIRS1714 Beverage Appreciation 2
SIRS2721 Fundamentals of Dinning Services 3
SIRS2722 Accounting 2
SIRS2422 Kitchen Operation (Group A) 2
SIRS2522 Hall Operation (Group B) 2
SIRS2724 Financial Management 2
SIRS2734 Kitchen Operation (Group B) 2
SIRS2744 Hall Operation (Group A) 2
SIRS3751 Restaurant Concept & Business Model Development 3
SIRS3752 Human Resource in Restaurant Industry 2
SIRS3762 Restaurant Facilities and Space Design 2
SIRS3753 Strategic Business Plan Development and Pitch 3
SIRS3753 Hospitality and Business Law 2
SIRS3763 Brand Management 2

Dept. Electives (105 Credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
SIRS1401 Intro to the Global Culinary Industry 3
SIRS1403 Fundamentals of Restaurant Marketing 3
SIRS1413 Quant for Food Service Industry 2
SIRS1503 Product Identification & Sensory Analysis 2
SIRS1513 1st Aid, Sanitation, Kitchen Safety 2
SIRS2421 Restaurant Trend & Value Proposition Analysis 2
SIRS2521 Culinary Fundamentals 2 (LAB) 3
SIRS2423 Global Korean Cuisine (LAB) 3
SIRS2433 Meeting with the Entrepreneurs 3
SIRS2443 Extended Entrepreneurship 2
SIRS2523 Intro to Baking, Pastry, Cake (LAB) 2
SIRS2533 Global Food History & Culture 3
SIRS2543 Wine Sommelier (WSET Certificate) 3
SIRS3451 Menu Planning & Cost Control 3
SIRS3461 Franchise Management 4
SIRS3471 Globalizing Korean Food 4
SIRS3551 Advanced Dinning Services 4
SIRS3561 Designing and Implementing Beverage System 3
SIRS3571 Asian Cuisine (LAB) 3
SIRS3651 Spirit and Mixology 3
SIRS3453 Culinary Nutrition and Health 3
SIRS3463 Digital Marketing 4
SIRS3473 Real Estate 4
SIRS3553 Field Trip (2) 4
SIRS3563 Finance for Entrepreneurs 3
SIRS3573 Creative Menu Design Seminar (LAB) 3
SIRS3653 Traditional Korean Liquor 3
SIRS4481 Real World Execution (Continued project of business plan development) 9
SIRS4491 Capstone Project (Graduation requirement for non-internship) 6
SIRS4581 Catering and Event Management 3
SIRS4591 Food Product Management 3
SIRS4681 Food Styling 3