Restaurant and Food Service Entrepreneurship (SIRES)

Educating leaders In Global Food Service Management

Why Choose Restaurant and Food Service Entrepreneurship?

Have you ever wondered why some restaurants do well and others fall short of attracting customers? Is it food quality, marketing, service, price, management or what exactly? Restauranteurs need to learn the skills required to open and run a successful restaurant or food service operation of their own. In our program students learn about the complexities of the management, culinary, entrepreneurship and hospitality aspects of operating a successful restaurant. We take the mystery out of creating an outstanding enterprise.

Food Service professionals are needed who can be leaders in an ever-improving food service environment with increased wages and a better standard of living. Our program aims to educate global leaders who are trained in the food industry, restaurant management, school meals, and meal distribution. Students are educated in state-of-the-art facilities by professors with extensive food service expertise and research experience


Educating leaders with practical food service management skills:

  • creative ability, foreign language skills
  • Acquisition of cooking skills and management knowledge
  • Programs for restaurant simulation
  • Internship programs in foreign major hotels and food service companies

Re-educating professionals to upgrade knowledge of Food Service industry

  • Practical education and general theories in Food Service industry, such as cooking skills, food preparation, and beverage service
  • Emphasis on cooking skills with management training
  • Development with mindset of an executive along with practical management skills

Quick Facts: 2017

Program Highlights:

  • Open or rejuvenate a food related business (café, bakery, multi-chain restaurant, etc.)
  • Develop management skills beyond the kitchen art
  • Targeted at developing entrepreneurs or owners of food-related businesses

Specialized courses:

Management Brand management, Inventory Management, Digital Marketing, Franchise Management, Restaurant Marketing, Food Product Management, Human Resource Management
Culinary Art Kitchen Operations, Global Culinary Industry, Food Styling, Global Korean Cuisine
Sanitation and Kitchen Safety, Culinary Nutrition and Health, Global Food History & Culture
Entrepreneurship Restaurant Concept & Business Model Development, Restaurant Facilities and Space Design, Creative Menu Design, Restaurant Trend & Value Proposition
Hospitality Advanced Dining Services, Hall Operations, Wine Sommelier, Beverage Management

Skills Learned:

  • Entrepreneurship and management skills
  • Restaurant & food culture and history
  • Space design and setting
  • Branding and marketing
  • Franchise techniques and concepts
  • Food styling and menu development
  • Kitchen and hall Operation

International Partnerships:

  • Institut Paul Bocuse – France
  • National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism – Taiwan
  • Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management – Dubai
  • Hotelschool, The Hague – Netherlands
  • Swiss Hotel Management School – Switzerland
  • IMI – Switzerland
  • Varna University of Management – Bulgaria
  • Swiss German University – Indonesia
  • Eastern Mediterranean University – Cyprus, North Turkey
  • ESC Rennes School of Business – France

Potential Career Paths:

  • Restaurant owners or managers
  • Franchise owners
  • Family restaurant business second / third generation owners
  • Concept developer for food service company
  • Operational manager in food industry
  • Food-related startup owners / entrepreneurs
  • Menu developer