Language Acquisition Resources

At SIS, students have a wealth of language acquisition and improvement resources available. Most popular is our Spice English program which is designed to provide every SIS student with quality time with their professors.  Students will drop in for a 15 minute, one-on-one free talking session with an SIS professor in the English Lounge during school hours. SPICE provides students with the one-on-one speaking practice that they may not achieve in regular English classes. Students are encouraged to generate the topics of conversation, but professors may initiate topics as well.

Our General Education Requirements include English language programs that include courses that emphasize the use of the English language and are gauged to assist students in improving the four basic language skills. Because our student body is international in nature, there is an abundance of opportunities for students to gain self-confidence using English as the common language between students of different cultures.

In addition to English language, students are required to study at least two semesters of a third language including Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, or Russian. These language courses are taught for credit and include beginning and intermediate language acquisition skills.