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International Graduate Student Scholarships
(Spring 2020)

Admission Scholarship – all international graduate students will receive a 30% scholarship upon admission (just for their first semester)

Admission scholarship will be 30 % for all the students

Merit-Based Scholarship – after international grad students complete their first semester, scholarships for the 2nd semester and all following semesters will be done based on the merits received in the previous semester. A merit-based scholarship break down can be found in the table below.

(From Spring 2020)

Classification Scholarship
GPA of 3.0 ~ 3.49 (No TOPIK, IELTS) 10%
GPA of 3.5 ~ 3.99 OR TOPIK 3, IELTS 5.5 20%
GPA 4.0+ OR TOPIK 4+, IELTS 6+ 30%
  • For students with GPA scores lower than 2.5, regardless of language certificate scores, a scholarship will not be granted, whatsoever.